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Go to 4k UHD

4k UHD

With 4K video quality playback you get the best picture quality that’s out right now.

Go to KODI pre installed

KODI pre installed

Fully programmed, so you can watch any TV show, any Movie, Live Sports and Live TV without any monthly subscription fees or charges.

Go to android 5.1

android 5.1

Android app store is built in, so you can download any android app you want. Surf the web, email or play games all on you’re big screen.

Go to Wi-Fi


Connect wirelessly to you’re wifi without any required cables.

Stop paying for cable!

FreeTV gives you access to watch anything you want.

Do you currently pay for cable? If the answer to that question is YES then WHY? With FreeTV you can watch every single episode of any tv show that was ever made at anytime you want. FreeTV also gives you access to watch any movie ever made.

With FreeTV you can watch any live sporting event. Whether its a NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA, PGA golf, WWE, UFC, MLS or even Pay-Per-View events, you can stream them without any charges.

Now you're probably asking how does this all work? All this is possible because of streaming. Streaming providers like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon and many other services. Except with FreeTV there's no monthly fees or any kind of subscriptions.

  • Get access to any movie ever made.

  • Watch any TV show ever made, any episode and any season.

  • Watch any live sporting event.

  • Get access to almost any live tv channel.

Watch whatever you want, without any monthly fees!

Automatic daily updates

With FreeTV you get the newest updates every day, so you can watch the newest TV shows and movies.

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